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Stats and permissions and babble
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Firstly, I'm up for anything with anyone, and I'm very good at forgetting about threads. If you want me to respond to you, or if you want to play something out, or if I've dropped a thread and you want me to pick it up, please yell. <3

I'm too lazy to go looking for one of the templates for this, so have some rambling. :D

Name: Esumi Sousuke.
Canon: Engine Sentai Go-onger -- basically he wears spandex and fights evil.
Age: 20.
Physically: Average height, hair is spiky anime-style and red (pre-teamup with Shinkenger) or black (teamup with Shinkenger). Has a facial mole. Thin, but athletic.
Abilities: Excellent fighter, very physically fit, nothing superhuman.
Cooking: Nooo. But he's a very good eater. He's used to being looked after by Renn, Go-on Blue.

Physical non-permanent nice stuff: Like kissing, hugging etc.? PLEASE GO FOR IT. No need to ask. He may give you suspicious looks, flail violently, or pounce on you. HE IS A MAN WHO MOSTLY ONLY USES TWO GEARS; 'no' and 'YES YES YES OH GOD YES!'

Physical non-permanent not so nice stuff: Shoving, hitting etc.? Feel free, no need to ask me, but he'll respond. RPer has no problem with it, but he'll definitely have a problem, hehehehe. He is pwned by doors and walls and things at times, but he's a good fighter so may come after you.

Physical permanent stuff: Maiming, killing etc.? Please ask, but chances are I will say yeeeees.

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Voting was here, 42 in, 10 out, 80.8%

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Concrit post
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Comments are screened, anon is fine, IP logging's off, you know the drill. :) I'm nervous as anything about playing him and all help will be gratefully received.


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